Colin  Vogel

Colin Vogel

Commercial Broker

Colin Vogel joined EPG Insurance in 2009. He is passionate about pairing people with people, problems with solutions, and hard work with success. His current role at EPG Insurance allows him to partner with business owners to solve current problems and strategize for future growth. As the insurance industry continues to innovate, Colin is proactive in overcoming preconceived notions and brings change, skill, and an ambitious passion to his work.  More than most, he enjoys working face to face with his clients while getting to know both their personal and commercial needs.


After being recruited to Phoenix College for NJCAA D1 golf, he went on to twice compete in the national championship tournament.  From there he went on to start his own business and graduate from Arizona State University with a degree in Statistics & Philosophy. The historic neighborhoods of downtown Phoenix have long been home where he lives with his wife and two children in the Roosevelt District.