Senior Living Facilities

The senior care industry is arguably the most important - yet undervalued - in the country. Protect your senior living facility and its residents with comprehensive coverage from an agency that cares.

From assisted living, to personal care homes, to residential care facilities, EPG Insurance has unique insight and expertise in this highly specialized area.



Jeff Schmidt, the founder and head of our Senior Living Department, has devoted his career to the senior care industry. When it comes to insuring assisted living facilities, personal care homes, residential care facilities, and senior placement and referral companies, no one is as well-versed and experienced as he is.

EPG Insurance understands the unique insurance needs of senior living facilities, and will design policies to include:

Our goal is to find the best insurance solutions so you can continue to provide an invaluable service to our country’s most important and vulnerable demographic.


No private insurance agent is more experienced in senior living facility coverage than EPG Insurance. Our specialists are passionate about protecting this industry and will go to great lengths to ensure proper coverage is identified and implemented.

With over 600 senior living facilities and 350 placement agents insured, we pride ourselves on being the experts in your industry. We will structure a policy that protects every aspect of your senior living facility, its residents and its future success.

Whether you live down the street or across the country, we are part of your community. We will advocate for your protection with affordability, transparency and responsiveness.

Contact us today to secure a senior living facility insurance policy that will shield your business from loss and exposure to risk.