Rental Property Insurance


Whether you’re renting out a property long-term, or a vacation home on a short-term basis, rental property insurance is a must.

While your current homeowners policy may cover some potential losses when your home is rented out, a more specialized insurance policy is likely needed. Regardless of how little or how much you plan to rent out your space, EPG Insurance can help determine the right level of rental property insurance to make sure you’re protected.


Rental property insurance will protect you from loss, damage and liability when your property is being utilized by another person.

  • Short-Term/Primary Residence: If you plan to rent out part of your primary residence for a short amount of time, you will need special coverage. Doing so on a regular basis is considered a business, which is not covered under a standard homeowners policy.
  • Long-Term Rentals or a Second Home: If you have an income property or plan to rent your current home for a period of more than six months, you will need a rental dwelling or landlord policy. Not only does it cover structural damage, it will also cover your personal property such as a lawnmower or appliances left for the tenant’s use. The liability portion of such a policy will protect you if a tenant or guest gets hurt on your property - covering legal and medical expenses.


When you use an independent insurance agent like us, you will work one-on-one with an agent who specializes in exploring and selecting comprehensive rental property insurance. We work with close to 20 personal line companies, which means you have more access to the right type of insurance solutions.

EPG Insurance will help structure a policy that’s right for the type of property you are renting, the duration of the rental agreement, and your budget.

Whether you live down the street or across the country, we are part of your community. We will advocate for your protection with affordability, transparency and responsiveness.

Contact us today to build a rental property insurance policy that will shield you from the many unknowns you will face as a full- or part-time landlord.