Cyber Liability Insurance

Data drives today’s businesses. And whether you believe it or not, your business is susceptible to a cyber attack or data breach 24 hours a day. If the right information finds its way into the wrong hands, your company can face financial and reputational consequences that will last for years.



Cyber liability insurance won’t prevent a future attack from occurring, but it can protect you from the lasting repercussions of such a breach, including:

  • Data compromise protection to cover employee and customer information if your data should ever be hacked, stolen (physical and electronic), corrupted, or subject to procedural errors or internal fraud
  • Legal cost protection incurred by legal reviews
  • Forensic services to assist in determining the nature, extent, and perpetrators of an electronic breach
  • Personal services for any persons affected, which may include helpline services, credit monitoring and case managers for identifying theft victims.
  • Public relations costs paid for firms to review and respond to the potential impact of the data compromise
  • Costs of legal defense in an event that the company is sued due to the breach
  • Identity recovery protection to identity fraud victims and restore their credit history and records. This includes owners, employees and family members.

EPG Insurance can help protect your business against damage to electronic data, virus or malware attack, liability to third parties, and also help recover the cost of:

  • Restoring and recreating data to your system
  • Restoring systems to pre-attack levels
  • Lost business and unforeseen expenses
  • Public relations services, to communicate with outside parties concerning a computer attack and your public response

Whether you are a small business, large firm, non profit organization, or retailer - cyber liability coverage provides protection you need in the event of a data breach or cyber attack.


When you use an independent insurance agent like us, you will work one-on-one with an agent who specializes in exploring and selecting the perfect cyber liability coverage for your business.

EPG Insurance will structure a policy that protects against cyber attacks, data breaches and the lasting implications they can have on your business.

Whether you live down the street or across the country, we are part of your community. We will advocate for your protection with affordability, transparency and responsiveness.

Contact us today to secure a cyber liability policy that will shield your business from loss and exposure to risk.