Do you have an Umbrella to protect you when the sky begins to fall?

| October 25, 2019
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There are a surprising number of households that are not aware of what an umbrella policy is; and if you have a family, a home, vehicles, or a business, you are going to want to learn.

Think of an umbrella policy as just that – an actual umbrella.  This umbrella is going to cover you from a very serious storm known as Hurricane Lawsuit.

How does it do this? Let’s start with what you already know: the liability limits on your auto insurance.  Now that “250/500” number you see on your policy means that in the event of an accident and you injure someone, your insurance company will pay their medical bills up to $250,000 per person, and $500,000 per accident.

So what happens if there are more than two people in the car? What happens if their expenses exceed that limit?

Here comes the Umbrella Policy to save the day!

That’s right! Enter your personal shield, your umbrella policy.  Your umbrella policy can attach to the end of that liability limit to provide you extra protection, in increments of a million dollars.  So that $250,000 becomes$1,250,000 in liability protection, or more! 

The umbrella policy does not just add to your auto insurance.  It can cover your homeowner’s insurance in the same way, making that $300,000 become $1,300,000 in liability protection.

The umbrella policy may also come with additional protection that many wouldn’t think they would need.  If you happen to love to write reviews, you probably do a lot of posting on sites such as Yelp and Facebook.  Let’s say you decide one day to go try a brand new restaurant down the street from your home.  When you receive horrible service and terrible tasting food, you feel the need to share the experience and warn others from going.  What many don’t realize is that can open a lawsuit for slander.  Umbrella policies may also protect you and your family from slander or libel, boats and recreational vehicle accidents, or wrongful deaths, and covers legal expenses, and more.

Everybody has something worth protecting. You’ve worked hard to build up your nest egg, so make sure you’re not putting it at risk. Umbrella policies are inexpensive, and often times insurance companies offer additional package discounts on your other policies by bundling it all together.

So don’t wait until Hurricane Lawsuit is approaching the coastline.  Let’s have a discussion about umbrella policies today. Call or email Karisa Williams at (480)385-7383 or

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