Critical Coverage you need as a Senior Placement Agent

| October 05, 2019
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As a senior placement agent, there are two things you must do to mitigate your risk. 

First, you need to know whether your insurance coverage considers you as a “Referral/Placement Agent” or as a “Consultant.” 

We specialize in covering senior placement agencies and our policy classifies you as a “Senior Referral/Placement Agent.” 

And… that’s critical. 

Other companies claim to cover you. But, in reality, they classify you as a “consultant”, which often limits coverage to those of a business consultant, NOT a placement agent. 

The difference is enormous should you be named in a lawsuit. Take a few minutes and check your policy to see what they consider you.

Secondly, you must verify that the facilities you are recommending have insurance. Odds are you didn’t realize it, but most states do not require insurance as part of a facility’s licensing process.  

If you place someone in an unlicensed facility and wrongful death or injury occurs, the first person an attorney will go after is often the placement agent.

We understand the vital work you do, and it’s why we’ve dedicated years to providing the specialized coverage unique to the senior placement industry.
Make sure you have a senior placement/referral agency policy, not just a generic policy that names you as “consultant.” 

Give us the opportunity to look at your current plan and give you our no-cost, no-obligation recommendations call us at 480) 941-4895. If it’s after hours submit a quote request here or send me an email. 

At least when the worst happens you won’t have any surprises. 

If it’s after hours submit a quote request here or send me an email. 

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