Are there gaps in your Commercial Insurance Coverage

| November 05, 2019
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Just when you thought you had covered everyone and everything in your insurance policy, there is one more gaping hole to consider. It’s what happens when an employee gets in a wreck while driving their own vehicle while on company business at the time of the accident.

For example, many of these types of claims occur when he or she is driving someone on a tour or meeting a client off the premises. If an incident occurs, the employee usually gets sued first, but the employer (you) almost always gets named as a defendant in the lawsuit since it was during business hours.

To protect your company, you need our Non-Owned Auto Coverage with protection for up to $1,000,000 against these situations.

And, as a reminder, in 2017 there were 7.2 million car crashes and 5.01 million accidents involving light trucks. According to Statista, “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among those under the age of 55 in the United States.”

This coverage doesn’t cover the employee or a rented vehicle. It covers your business. If you occasionally have employees who drive during the course of their work, even if it is only in their personally owned vehicle, then you need this coverage.

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Unless you are riding around with each of your employees or contractors each day and carefully monitoring their driving habits, you don’t know what’s going on out there...and there’s no reason to risk it!  Call me today for a quote or go straight to our website and submit a quote request here.

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