Adequate Car liability limits

| September 05, 2019
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I know we’ve touched on non-owned auto liability before.  But, it’s a problem so pervasive and misunderstood that I wanted to remind you again.

If you have employees and your policy includes the non-owned auto rider, great! If not, get it TODAY, before something happens. 

Do your employees use their vehicles to:

  • Tour facilities or meet clients?
  • Run to the store,  post office, bank, or other errands?
  • Provide other services offered by your company?
  • Transport people or packages?

If something happens, and there is a claim, your business could be on the hook. The fact the vehicle is not company-owned is irrelevant. The fact that it is your employee driving it for company business is relevant.

There is an average of 17,200 traffic accidents a day in the U.S.; almost 6.3 million incidents a year. Non-Owned auto coverage is an essential piece of your insurance protection. Without it, you run a substantial risk of loss in the blink of an eye.  By the way, most personal auto policies exclude business use.  

At Eaton-Provident Group, we can write the non-owned auto insurance rider on a commercial policy.  And…one more thing while we’re talking about vehicles and employees… 

Check the motor vehicle reports pre-hire and verify that your employees carry adequate liability limits on their personal vehicles if they use their car for your business. Look for a minimum of $100,000 combined single limit. 

If you need help with non-owned auto coverage, call or email me.  Or, if it’s outside business hours, visit our contact page and I’ll follow up with you as soon as I can.

Even if your employee does a “favor” by driving for your business even once a year, you need this coverage. You can always go straight to our website and submit a quote request here

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